Monday, August 07, 2006

it's 5.30 and I am still stuck at work waiting for my hubby to finish his work so we can head home. all day I was not doing much just loitering here and there. and now when it is time to go hubby has more work to do,

I tell you this car pool thing is not working , i know it;s my fault , see i get a free ride both ways & if I am late can blame it on my hubby.but now the other way waiting is baaad.

lets see what else is on my mind. want to go on vacation, not sure where to go though europe , ,roadtrip so many options & i don't feel like doing any reasearch, man enough looking at the PC as it is and if i have to search for vacation deals than that's it for me .........

so anyway next month I am goin on vacation as far as I am concered where and when is upto hubby to figure out.