Friday, March 28, 2003

Went for our final-walk through of the house yesterday ,the place was all done except for a few minor glitches which will be fixed soon.& then we closed escrow too ,it was kinda exciting and boring signing all those papers and hubby asking all sorts of questions AARgh.
our realtor guy 'joe' came along with us and I got talking to him abt his career & stuff.Got intrested in being into the real estate buisness as my engineering is not getting me a job .Joe said that they were not many(any) indians in the real estate but there were lot of buyers and it might work our good for me if I get into it.
So I'm contemplating weather I should give it a try.Not sure if it would work though U know ,will indians want an indian agent or would they want an american Coz hez been here and knows the place and all.
i wish there was somebody who I could talk to abt this......................(Anybody out there??????)