Friday, January 31, 2003

tommorow is ur 2nd marriage anniversary,it's been 2 whole yrs and I don't know how the time has passed, on our first anniv we had such a great romantic getaway ,went to this spa with natural springs ,got a mud bath,body massage the works ,OHHh it was great .........,
I read somewhere recently that if u need to remember the great times ,like the great kiss or something ,it seems the smell will get back that feeling,like smelling the same thing as what u did then-like flowers or some type of soap,food etc,,,,,the only thing i can rembember of our weekend away was the smell of the natural water with minerals and the hot springs smell was not great ....but there was a jaccuzzi in our room and no phones xept our cell phones the place did not have room places it was for total relaxation.
so happy anniv to me..............