Wednesday, May 07, 2003

There has been a huge gap between my last blog and this one,
We have moved into our new house ,it's been great so far it's been a month already ,
givin our house warming party next week,then i bought a car for myself ,now more payments for the car,insurance etc
ok then i decided to go and give the real estate thing a try ,so right now i'm at the real estate office just started this week, i'm tagging along with the agent who i met when we were buying our house to see how the buisness works !!!!
yesterday we went to show a house to house to a couple with 6 kids who had a fixed budget and wanted at least 4 bedrooms and in a particular area at that ,I was pretty excited u know coz it for my first time and then i'm taklking to all the other agents in the office to see what's their take on this,
abt me shifting from enginering to real estate but u know what ,if i really slog there is a lot of money to be earned ...........
ok that will do for today