Friday, November 29, 2002

been busy all wednesday and today,in the afternoon my hubby's relatives called and said they were comming over in the evening,well i had to clean the apt and cook dinner for 3 adults and 2 kids and me and hubby dear , well they unfortanatly got stuck in traffic and arrived late ,so had to stay overnite so hurry-scurry for comforters and all they left at noon AFTER breakfast ,then later in the eve more guests with kids arrived ,later in the night at 11.00 we went to a casino it's abt an hr away on an indian land,so won like 150$ and headed back at 3.30,

today everybody is busy shopping due to after thanksgiving sale, we bought a web cam but it was not on sale, tommorow another busy day more people to visit ,unable to get out of it,suddenly there r so many people to meet ,when u just want to stay home, othertimes there are none!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Am back it's 1.30 in the nite and I'm unable to sleep while hubby dearest is snoring away ,poor thing works so hard the whole day,he's hardworking while I'm hardly working!! Haha.there seem to be so many places to go so many things to do while ur still young and i don't want my time (energy ie) to get over while I'm still on the hunt for my job.wish there would be some other way to make myself useful instead of just killing time and waiting for each day to pass,don't get me wrong though i've a great life so far,have like the best parents they gave everything i ever asked ,great wedding and my hubby he is the sweetest and best guy any gal could ask for,helps me at home,cooks whenever i don't feel like which seems to be a lot nowadays ,he even peels my oranges,it's been 2 yrs and i still feel like WOW everytime i'm with him .planning to go to india early next yr so need to know,it'sdifferent for different people ,sometime u hear about all these women with their husbands hitting them or not talking,treatin the In-Laws bad,well first for arranged marriages OK but otherwise did u not know the guy before u married him, was it not the girl who decided that she would spend the rest of her life with this guy and then ............,well anyway I've no probs in that regard or in-law probs coz my Mom-in-law is sooooooooo nice ,that she sends me salwars (imagine that) with anybody and everybody who she can get her hands on, so my point is WHEN will i feel sleepy!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Bored out of my skull, I'm starting my online journal. watching an eminem song on Mtv (naming himself after a candy and he wants the world to take him seriously) but yeah i like his songs ,but not over and over.Thoughts on my mind right now, JOB i want a job ,man it's been months since I graduated but nothing seems on the horizen now ,just waiting and waiting seems like forever ,when is the damn market goin to open , i need to get on with my life but now I'm stuck with no place to go,I've lots of plans though .of goin on a vacation with my hubby,buying a new car,a home ,and with home prices goin up and beyond ,not sure if this is the time or is this like a bubble thing ,nobody is able to like give a right answer to Buy or not to Buy ,but i keep dreamin of having my own home and decorating ,so half the time I'mseeing the home improvement channels ,HGTV,christopher lowell, style and lots of ideas,I still have to suscribe to some books dreamin and hopin as my name aasha!!

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