Wednesday, January 15, 2003

went to the Dentist today AAAGGH now i know why everybody hates dentists,all I wanted was to get my teeth cleaned but hey they don't do that in the first appointment
but they took X-rays of my teeth some stupid stamp size things put in my mouth in all angles and then she showed my how to floss (it was gross and hurt mu poor Gums)

Then Doctor Saab came in said some things like this 2 ,that negative ,exit 17,2,32 and some other number ,later he casually said that they have to pull out all my wisdom teeth (which by the way r not out of my gums yet ) as they will coz probs later

Same for hubby too ,his teeth need to go too and some more cavity stuff for him , on top of that they had no idea how much the whole procedure would cost ,they work there for god's sake and did not know the price !!!!,I thought it is so costly that they don't want to scare u off .......

So did not get cleaning (which is in the next appointment) but got to know that 4 of my unborn wise teeth have to GO.................

Sunday, January 12, 2003

we have been called for the framewalk of the house ,So i asked my realter if there is anything specific that i should note or ask ,but he said just check out all the stuff
the place is commin out good all the electrical stuff seemed to be in place ,should be all done by april.
hubby is gettin tensed about the dwonpayment and me abt NOT GETTING A JOB so far ,hoping everything falls into place soon.
asked my parents to send some satin sheets They r so costly dwon here.and maybe some other artifacts.