Friday, April 16, 2004

I love the show ....The Apprentice, friends is so boring now, i mean we know how it's going to end.........

I am not really into reality shows never watch them but this one got me hooked and yesterday the season finale .....Omarosa was horrid, i mean it was bcoz of her and only bcoz of her that kwame lost, i mean bill is good,but he also had the support of his team mates,but kwame man i felt really really bad for him.

here is my take on thsi

Troy is so cute ,i mean he is a friend that everybody needs,the way he handled was good, true he needs a little polish ,but hey u can't expect an Apprentice to know ,he is here to when i go these interviews and they ask me all these high funda am I supposed to know,that's why I am here to learn and the implement

Nick: the romance was there ,it was nice ,,,,,nick is also on my good list

Amy: she is not as hot as everyone says she is ,one day she has staright hair and the next curly....i know it takes a long time to straighten ones hair ,so she is putting a lot of effort into getting ready everday

And I HATE Omarosa.........first she lies and cheats and she is on all thr talk shows boasting and showing off, someone I would never want to meet.