Monday, October 27, 2003

Diwali went well, had people over for dinner............well now that i am real estate I get to go into other people;s homes and check out the way they keep their homes, and get idea's for my own home,
I've realised that "face is not the index of the mind" some people may seem really simple by face but go inside their homes(also in this field we can go in when the owners are not in and go all over their home) ,I went with a client last week and the lady of the house was home, she seemed pretty simple ,like an average jane, well i went into the guest bedroom and guess what!!! there was a snake in a cage and a huge and i mean huge lizard thingy in another cage,and just to make things worse the cat had to come between my feet right then, Man i tottally freaked out.

Got out of that one safe,now my MIL wants to know where she can find a snake to pour milk for naga panchami which is supposed to be sometime now, Don't think i'll let her know abt the fact that people have snakes as pets that she can go Pour milk too..........

Another thought, the snake was in a cage right ,all curled space to open ,so doesnt the snake need to strech?????