Friday, February 07, 2003

had a nice time on our 2nd anniv, our friends a happily married couple(or so it seems) came over and we went to the temple during the day ,,,,,,,well i was wearing this heavy saree and before we went to to the temple we decided to have a car wash (our car being a black eclipse was all dirty) but as we were just abt to enter the wash ,we got a flat tire ,something just ripped through the tire, so we got down and had to wait for the AAA guys to come over and change tires and there I was at a gas station with all jewelry and heavy saree walking abt chewing gum,the people were pretty helpful guess they thought we were totally new or gavar's coz hubby was in a kurta too.....and the manager who was not in the gas station which was responsible for the tire,was at home and when we called him ,he shrug off all responsibility and asked us to sue him...........which i think was a really good idea coz the AAA guy told us that this was the 4rth time he was doin this.....
so later in the nite we went out for dinner and drinks and pool was a fun night overall.

next day showed the couple our new home ,the walls are all done and the homes next door and tottally done i think they will move in next month and we hopefully in april so i am think what to do abt the Gruhapravesham,i mean i'll call the priest and all but like should i invite more people now or later host a house warming party when we r all set.