Thursday, August 23, 2007

So we started our first child birth classes yesterday...Let me start with saying that though it seems like every other lady is preg. There were only 4 couples in the class, the instructor said that there are usually abt 12 couples but mine only had 4 so I was kinda dissapointed and there was 2 ladies with twins,one with boys and one with 2 girls.

so the class started with a stand-up comedy video by Bill Cosby, it was quite hilarious then she had us talk to our neighbor couple and then introduce them to the instructor..well after the ice-breaker she started by showing how the baby would like in the womb now and later..then some pregnancy excercises.

Also we were suppossed to take pillows and a blanket which only one couple actually got ,so the breathing and relaxation techniques that she was going to show actually got pushed to next week.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3rd trimester

reason i have not blogged in a while is coz I'm preggie and am now in my 3rd trimester u know this whole controversy I have discovered with the trimsters..see the actual pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks, which is divided into 10 months of 4 weeks how come in all our movies they show the pregnancy as 9 months.....well and then it continues

each trimester is divided into 3 months but each month is not the same amount of weeks..for example the 6th month is like 5 weeks long and so month 7 which is supposed to start on week 26 actually starts on week 29..well anyhow seeing all these cominations and permutaions I now can confirm and say I have enetered my 3rd tri..which is the oh almighty 7th month

ok now that i ma here what are mu conclusions..coz I have not bogged for the first 2 i'll skip that and start here...

I have already put on like 30pounds..belly is not so huge can still wear a size large (used to be a medium) kinf o T-shirts ..but really it's ok but thinking i have like 3 more months to go well..imagine how much more weight is that.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

i guess it's been a while since i posted something....but have been busy with so many things...went on trip to india had a good time, found out i was pr
eg ..huge discussion if i should stay back or return to US. finally just decided to come back rather than stay back a whole 3 months

Now in 6th far pregnancy has been fine for me..none of the usual drama that one would think is associated with..have put on wt like crazy though and still have 3 more months to go..........

hubby dear is the best he has been doing all the stuff at home and beyond........

k will try to make my posts more regular

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So at last we bought the big screen TV this thanksgiving weekend. it is a 60" sony..which is wow..but get this my other TV is in the bedroom and now i spend most of my time in the bedroom watching the small TV.

all these yrs me and hubby used to hang out on the couch 24/7 watching the same crap and if he did not want to watch what i was he would go online and play games i would either sleep or read a we have options , each our own TV.

well plans for X'mas ..the usual have a couple of boring friends foe dinner,spend saturday cleaning sunday cooking and entertaining..monday realx and get back to work on tuesday.

Monday, August 07, 2006

it's 5.30 and I am still stuck at work waiting for my hubby to finish his work so we can head home. all day I was not doing much just loitering here and there. and now when it is time to go hubby has more work to do,

I tell you this car pool thing is not working , i know it;s my fault , see i get a free ride both ways & if I am late can blame it on my hubby.but now the other way waiting is baaad.

lets see what else is on my mind. want to go on vacation, not sure where to go though europe , ,roadtrip so many options & i don't feel like doing any reasearch, man enough looking at the PC as it is and if i have to search for vacation deals than that's it for me .........

so anyway next month I am goin on vacation as far as I am concered where and when is upto hubby to figure out.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

So hubby and me decided to go big screen TV shopping,as this Cricket season so he can watch the games.........also with superbowl there seems to be some good sales.......

started with COSTCO and the TV"s being 2500$ ,well it seems plasmas there are 3rd tire TV"s
big boxes with went to Circuit city,best buy etc .......

after a while of DLP,SXRD.1080P ,rear end projection .........I just tuned out..hubby was really interested though ....and asked like some 100 thousand Q's .........

The samsung 56" seemed nice except for the stand ,The sony 60" is what I like but that is like 5000$ ............any ideas........of what to buy?


Monday, January 30, 2006

the weekends are just swishing by ,now that I have a job that is 8-5 ,well so far it is ,it probably will get busier but for now It's cool,i get to come to the office and act busy.
the tough part is getting up everyday and to get here
for some reason I am not feeling sleepy here at work ,bored maybe but not would think that after so much time -years of having seista's it would be hard getting used to .......but suprisingly not.

well what else,went to another b'day party this weekend,kid just turned 3. ,kid cute,food great but party was boring .......i mean unless u have a kid it makes no sense to go to one of these things.

there is a protocol that people follow..first the ladies feed the kids ,then the men then the ladies ,i mean where does that leave me, should I have to wait till the end just sooo.....or can i start first and be the only one eating............

i guess that's enough for now